Who the f**k is Geeky Ninja?

Glad you asked. Hi, I'm Bryan and I'm a Graphic Designer based in Scotland. Hopefully you've seen my artwork on the internet somewhere.

Around 10 years ago I found myself making posters for local gigs and events. I'm entirely self taught (because the local Design School wouldn't take me) so I rely on the visual world around me to inspire and boost my creativity. And coffee. Coffee helps. A few years ago, I began making alternative designs to celebrate my favourite video games and movies. In my designs and illustrations, I try to incorporate a simple narrative or capture a particular element that is key to the story being told. With each piece that I create, I challenge myself to learn and include a new technique or style, as I believe this is crucial for me to develop as an artist.

So wait, are you a Ninja or not?

Well, yeah! Kind of. In addition to being a huge geek, I also study/teach a Japanese Martial Art. Japanese style is quite a major influence on me and the reason for my moniker.